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Exhibition Call Center 82-2-3460-7263



Exhibitor List 2019

  • Exhibitor List 2019

여기서 부터 컨텐츠

ㆍPackaging Machinery & Supplies
Company Name
Exhibit Category TEL Homepage
ACTRA LIMITED (영문 1500자 이내)  82-31-766-7311 www.actra.co.kr 
BINDTEC.CO.,LTD Auto-packing machine, Auto-packing equipment with I-mark detection se..  82-31-734-2868 www.bindtec.kr 
CHALLENGE & PEOPLE C.. Auto Packaging machine Grain Processed Food  82--925-1301 www.challengepeople.kr 
COMASPACK >Auto-Feeder(AF-300-1S) >Imprinter(PD-480E) >Labeller(LR-2000,..  82-31-730-0240 www.comaspack.com 
DAE YOUNG INDUSTRY C.. (영문 1500자 이내)  82--969-4780 www.dypm.co.kr 
DAEGYEONG PACK CO. stick packing machine , Quantitative meter machine .  82-53-583-1281  
DAEHAN FACTORY SYSTE.. Combination Meter, Rotary Vacuum Packing Machine Rotary Packing mach..  82-32-555-5740 www.pojangkorea.com 
DONGBANG AUTO PACKAG.. Horizontal Pillow Wrapping Machine, Cup Sealer, Automatic Rotary..  82-32-327-0361 www.dbpack.com 
DONGSUNG COMPANY (영문 1500자 이내)  82-43-843-2677 www.동성테크.com 
ENJOY NATURE FARMING.. Food labeling machine, Semi auto granule filling machine, Bread ti..  82-41-741-8331 www.foodpacking.co.kr 
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