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  • 19(Tue)~20(FRI) May, 2020, KINTEX SEOUL FOOD 2020
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Exhibition Call Center 82-2-3460-7263



Exhibitor List 2019

  • Exhibitor List 2019

여기서 부터 컨텐츠

Company Name
Exhibit Category TEL Homepage
Andong city 1. NIKKYUH Bio - Natto 2. DongSim Kochilli - Red Pepper Powder 3. Ry..  82--840-6285 www.andong.go.kr/main.do 
BASIS FOOD (영문 1500자 이내)  82-43-536-2546  
GYEONGGI-DO Japonica Rice(Best Quality of Korean New Rice Variety) and Rice HMR Fo..  82-31-229-6117 nongup.gg.go.kr 
haeoreum (영문 1500자 이내)  82-31-764-3972 www.bangongi.com 
HANILFOOD CO., LTD. Hanil Food’s ‘Bon Go Jang Udon’has consistently devoted the past 35 ye..  82-2-473-5872 www.hanilfood.co.kr 
JFOODSERVICE CO.,LTD.. For Airfryer Premix and Seasoning  82-31-337-4242 jfoodservice.com 
Kang Food Korean Traditional Hand-pulled Noodles  82-43-872-2221 www.kangfood.co.kr 
TaeHwan Automation I.. Ginseng chips, konnyaku cereal, Aronia chips, cacao tea, chocolate  82-32-624-3410 www.taehwan.co.kr