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  • 19(Tue)~20(FRI) May, 2020, KINTEX SEOUL FOOD 2020
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ufi,  ISO90001, Ministry of knowledge and Economy Mark

Exhibition Call Center 82-2-3460-7263



Exhibitor List 2019

  • Exhibitor List 2019

여기서 부터 컨텐츠

Company Name
Exhibit Category TEL Homepage
. (영문)  82-10-6760-0208  
Agricultural Corpora.. dried persimmon 150g, 500g semi-dried persimmon 200g semi-dried pers..  82-10-5197-8245 www.wongam.co.kr 
AGRICULTURAL CORPORA.. HANDMADEPEACHBOTTLEDFOOD  82-10-4938-1208 www.golden-farm.co.kr 
ASER FOOD CO.LTD Frozen Avocado pulps, Frozen Guacamole, Fresh Avocado, Flour tortillas..  82-31-486-7011 www.aserfood.com 
Baked Salt on Boulde.. baked salt   82-10-8590-3586 www.korm.kr 
BK BIO Co.,Ltd BK bio freshly produced natural foods from Jeju Island with state of t..  82-70-8787-0605 www.bkbio.com 
DAIJUNG CORPORATION Frozen Fruits Frozen Vegetables Freeze Dried Fruits  82-2-555-2980 www.wellmall.co.kr 
ERUM FOOD SYSTEM CO... Frozen fruits, Fozen vegetables   82-2-539-9421 www.efsc.co.kr/ 
G & L FOOD CO.,LTD. Various Fruit processed products and ingredients, such as Ocean Spray`..  82-2-412-4755 www.gnlfood.com 
G&L Commerce German Hams, cheeses, dairy foods, onions flakes(crispy onions), salt,..  82-2-577-0970 ignl.co.kr 
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