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  • 19(Tue)~20(FRI) May, 2020, KINTEX SEOUL FOOD 2020
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Exhibition Call Center 82-2-3460-7263



Exhibitor List 2019

  • Exhibitor List 2019

여기서 부터 컨텐츠

ㆍMarinated product
Company Name
Exhibit Category TEL Homepage
CHEONG A GOOD FOOD C.. Salted Fish Types(Seasoned Alaska Pollack Roe,Seasoned Alaska Pollack ..  82-33-344-0645 www.CAgoodfood.com 
CHOROKNAMU CO.,LTD. Frozen food, NFC juice, Desserts, Bread, Juice Etc  82-31-674-1803 www.ichorok.co.kr 
DAJUNG CO.,LTD. Liquid Tea (Citron, Green mandarin, Ginger, Red date, Lime, Lemon, etc..  82-31-542-6656 www.damizle.com 
MANSUN FISHERIES UNI.. soy sauce marinated crab, soy sauce marinated shrimp,soy sauce marinat..  82-63-563-3223 www.해찬미소.kr 
MISOFS CO,. LTD pickled radish white radish cabbage pickled cucumber  82-43-877-4772 misofs.com 
SEUNG HWA FOOD.CO.,L.. BAN CHAN(Salted Vegetable, Boil Down, Salted Seasoning Seafood, kimchi..  82-2-907-6041 www.seunghwa.net