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ufi,  ISO90001, Ministry of knowledge and Economy Mark

Exhibition Call Center 82-2-3460-7263



Exhibitor List 2019

  • Exhibitor List 2019

여기서 부터 컨텐츠

ㆍHome meal replacement
Company Name
Exhibit Category TEL Homepage
ADDED COMPANY Seasoning, Sesame oil,Perilla oil,Chili powder,Tteokbokki,Korean noodl..  82-2-2055-2212 added.kr 
AQUALINK CO., LTD. frozen processed food  82-2-3472-4400 www.aqualink.co.kr/ 
ARAM CO.,LTD. ①Home Meal Replacement(HMR) -Stir-fried Rice Cake(Tteok-bokki) ②Tra..  82-42-624-1181 www.aramfood.co.kr 
BAPDAK CO., LTD Simple food with traditional food in the boneless chicken wings  82-2-1855-3151 bapdak.modoo.at/ 
BEAUTIFULFARM AGRICU.. frosted mulberry leaf shake mulberry jam mulberry leaf spread  82-70-8849-3800 https://smartstore.naver.com/singsingmarket 
BokManSa Agricultura.. big&long cheese stick  82-55-884-2252 www.1145.co.kr 
BYUL MI FOOD CO. Byulmi Company started from the wrinkled finger tips of grandmother. ..  82-31-762-7611 www.byulmi.co.kr 
CASTLE OF THE COOKIE.. character bread, character cookie  82-33-636-9701 www.cookie14.co.kr 
CHEONHAE FOOD seaweed noodles Furigake& beads. Desalination jellyfish.Shichimi Se..  82-31-552-6608 www.cheonhae.com 
Chilkab Farm Product.. 가정간편식 고급원료와 위생적인 생산, 엄격한 품질관리로 만든 가정간편식! 칠갑농산만의 노하우로 만든 빠르고 간편하면서도 한..  82-10-2597-6782 www.chilkab.co.kr 
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