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Company Cape Honeybush Tea Company
Name Philipp Rein
Address 12 Voortrekker Street (Mossdustria)
Tel +27446977070 
Fax +276977080 
Hompage www.capehoneybushtea.co.za 
E- mail philipprein71@gmail.com  
DescriptionE The Cape Honeyush Tea Company was established in 1998 and today is the leading processor and supplier of superior Honeybush Tea. The tea is made from an indegenous bush of South Africa. It makes a refreshing and healthy beverage that is enjoyed by young and old. It is naturally caffeine free and contains high levels of antioxidants. The company is fully integrated from growing its own crop to processing and packaging the tea in its own purpose-built factory. The company has also become a reliable partner to many tea brands around the world for delivering Private Label packaging at competitive prices. We are looking for an importer/distributor of our teas.