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Exhibitor List 2019

  • Exhibitor List 2019

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Company De Ladegourdie Wines
Name Ryan
Address Unit 13, Viking business park, Blackheath
Tel +27(0) 83 409 6584 
E- mail info@deladegourdiewines.co.za  
DescriptionE De Ladegourdie wines was established by a young South African Wine Entrepreneur called Ryan Ladegourdie. His ancestors were from France which is where the French surname originated. The original surname of the family was De Ladegourdie. Ryan Ladegourdie a few Generations later always had a dream of being in the wine industry and owning his own wine brand thus how the name of the wine brand came to fruition. The meaning of Ladegourdie stands for dreams and this is how the wine brand originated through Dreams that became a reality. From within humble origins, De Ladegourdie Wines, based in the picturesque Boland Region, has grown to become an exquisite supplier of fine wine, competing on a global scale. The Boland (Afrikaans for “top country” or “land above”) is a region of the Western Cape province of South Africa. Our vineyards guarantee consistency in style and quality year after year. As each vine grows in harmony with the soil, the sun and the wind, it produces grapes of unique character and quality, ensuring only the best premium wines.